Welcome to the Jay Gould Memorial Reformed Church!

We are glad you took the opportunity to stop by and visit.

We are excited about what God is doing here and look forward to sharing it with you. In this information, we hope you will catch a glimpse of what our church is like.

Believing that 'church' is not a building but a community of faith, you will find this congregation committed to living in authentic relationship with Jesus Christ and strong relationships with one another, serving the community of Roxbury and beyond.

Everything we do as a community is simply our way of saying “thank you” to a God who showed his unconditional love for us through Jesus Christ. Our prayer is that you experience God’s love among us.

We look forward to getting to know you. Let us know how we can serve you.


Our Vision & Mission
We are church

Welcome! We are happy to introduce our church to you! We are a congregation of committed followers of Jesus Christ, who we feel is calling us into a community of people who want to love and serve him. We are a church with a long history of service and believe that God is leading us into a future filled with unknown possibilities.
We invite you to explore that future with us in worship and in service!


We are a church that walks by faith, trusting God's promise in the gospel and knowing that we exist by and for the proclamation of this gospel word. We proclaim Jesus Christ crucified and raised from the dead for the life of the world. God’s word, specifically God’s promise in Jesus Christ, creates this liberated, confident and generous faith. God gives the Holy Spirit who uses gospel proclamation – in preaching and sacraments, in forgiveness and in healing conversations – to create and sustain this faith. As a Reformed church, we give central place to this gospel message in our ministry.

We understand to be Reformed is to be ecumenical – committed to the oneness to which God calls the world in the saving gift of Jesus Christ, recognizing the brokenness of the church in history and the call of God to heal this disunity

To learn more about the RCA, visit: https://www.rca.org/